Global Compliance Assessment and Strategy

Planet EarthThe overall purpose of a Global Compliance Assessment and Strategy is to give the client a comprehensive overview of their solar product in order to show what the client a clear picture of the regulatory landscape and correct direction along the path to market for their product. Solar Compliance can construct a customized, optimal global compliance strategy for solar manufacturers by addressing the following key areas:

  • Identification of critical standards and requirements for solar modules – This depends on which market the solar product is to be marketed to.


  • Conformity assessment of module design and/or construction for applicable standards and requirements – An assessment of the module’s design and/or construction is conducted, based on the applicable standards and requirements. A preliminary construction report is generated for review by the client. The preliminary construction report consists of a detailed analysis of areas of non-compliance, concerns, and recommendations for the evaluated product.


  • Test program preparation – Consists of a breakdown of the applicable anticipated test program, including test sample requirements and an explanation of the intent of all anticipated test procedures and common pitfalls seen in the solar industry.


  • Recommendation of which certification laboratory is best for you and why – All certification laboratories have their strengths and areas for development. No one certification laboratory operates alike. Having a clear understanding of which certification laboratory is best for you will productively set the tone for your product’s certification investigation. A certification laboratory recommendation (including the reasons why) will be issued, based on the client’s needs and goals.

Global Certification Project Management