Global Certification Project Management

calendar-2009Global certification project management ensures the planning, organizing, and management of resources to result in the successful completion of a solar certification project. This allows you to concentrate on other issues while being confident that Solar Compliance is managing your project schedule with the same commitment you would. Our smooth integration of services allows for unforeseen changes in scheduling or product design to be handled easily since each service you require is handled by one company and a single project manager.

At Solar Compliance, we excel in the expertise of understanding the day to day tasks and procedures associated with a solar certification investigation, including the following critical areas:

  • Initial submittal of certification investigation for solar product – Initial contact and foundational groundwork will be established with the evaluating certification engineer. All required documents, illustrations, etc. will be collected and delivered to the evaluating certification engineer for review.


  • Communication and correspondence with certification laboratory – This consists of the day to day handling of all communications typically done with the certification engineer who is evaluating your product. You will be well informed of all pertinent updates and recommended courses of action (in response to the evaluating certification engineer s’ comments) required for the certification investigation. This includes follow up on all outstanding issues, standards interpretations, requirement rulings, etc.


  • Scheduling and management of test program – This includes the confirmation and management of test samples for pre-testing and certification testing. Direction will be given to your staff regarding the procedure requirements, setup, and intent of all anticipated in-house, witnessed (3rd party), and/or certification laboratory tests.


  • Coordination of witness testing – Due to scheduling and resource constraints faced by all certification laboratories, it is important to understand which tests can optimally be conducted in-house (while witnessed by a qualified certification engineer) or at a qualified 3rd party facility (while witnessed by a qualified certification engineer). Direction will be given as to the test setup, equipment, calibration, and technical competency requirements for each test. Witness testing can be an acceleration vehicle along the certification path.


  • Management and communication of all outstanding issues – The key to avoid last minute delays and surprises is to ensure all outstanding issues are addressed and communicated to the client and the evaluating certification engineer. A proactive approach with all outstanding issues will ensure there are no last minute surprises.


  • Creation of descriptive report – A description of the product will be generated, which will be handed to the certification engineer the desired format. This is a time and money saving feature that benefits both the client and the certification engineer.


  • Preparation for initial production inspection – Before the manufacturer is authorized to release products bearing a certification mark, the certification agency must successfully complete an initial production inspection which an audit of products at the factory are conducted by field inspectors of the certification agency. The client will be given a comprehensive, detailed preparation kit covering the inspector’s expectations, documentation requirements, factory personnel responsibilities, and how to organize the factory to ensure a smooth inspection.


  • Manufacturing and production line tests – As part of the initial production inspection manufacturing and production line tests will be required to be successfully completed by the factory, under the witnessing of the certification agency inspector. The client will be given a comprehensive, detailed overview of the required tests, methods, setup, test equipment calibration requirements, and how to successfully perform the tests.

Global Subsystem and Component Conformity Assessment