About The President of Solar Compliance

Kenny Villegas is the founder and President of Solar Compliance LLC. Kenny has over 20 years of certification and regulatory experience. Kenny was responsible for achieving the world’s first UL Listing for a solar concentrator module system (Energy Innovations). Serving as one of the appointed experts in Europe’s IEC Working Group 7 (concentrator PV modules and assemblies) standards committee and UL’s Standards Technical Panel for UL 8703 (the Standard for Concentrator Photovoltaic Modules and Assemblies), Kenny has continually been on the leading edge of standards development worldwide. Kenny is the safety subgroup leader of the IEC Working Group 7 for IEC 62108 and IEC 62688. Recognized as one of the leaders in the certification industry, Kenny works closely with the world’s foremost standards development organizations in the interest of public safety for the entire solar industry.